Life in Colour

Life in Colour

Hi, I am Neesha Amrish, the heart and soul behind aeshaane, a haven for connoisseurs of slow clothing and exquisite luxury handcrafted pieces. Today, allow me to extend an invitation to you into my chromatic world; where colours are not just hues, but profound expressions of identity, empowerment, and unhurried living.

From crop to shop, colour, to me, is an emotion. Sometimes it’s strong and bold, other times its subtle and understated, but solely the language in which I communicate with the world. Each stroke is intentional and hand painted with love on the raw canvas of ahimsa silk.
In a world dominated by fleeting trends and mass production, aeshaane stands as an ode to craftsmanship, sustainability, and slow cloth. It is an invitation to partake in the unhurried symphony of the creative process, where time is a valued companion and each creation is a masterpiece of invaluable patience.
Aeshaane, at its core is a celebration of women empowering women. The colours on our scarves and kimonos transcend mere aesthetics; they embody the rich spectrum of femininity. Soft pastels narrate stories of grit and determination, while bold patterns declare individuality and the strength inherent in every woman. 
As I meticulously select each hue, I envision the woman who will don the creation, crafting narratives in threads. Like the rich blue of indigo with nature patterns may resonate with someone seeking solace in nature, while our kaleidoscopic patterns may narrate tales of boldness and self-discovery. In the end for me, colour signifies empowerment, individuality, and is a celebration of womanhood. It not only uplifts my spirits, but is the sole essence of my being! Join me in this symphony where we revel in the slow beauty of life together, allowing the hues of aeshaane to echo in our spirits!
Celebrating the palette of life

Neesha Amrish

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