Scarves are the unsung heroes of fashion that can effortlessly breathe life into any attire, by instantly imbuing it with personality and flair. We, at aeshaane, strive to pay tribute to these sacred pieces of cloth with our vibrant colour palettes, bold patterns and natural textures, thereby infusing them with power to transform any dull ensemble into high fashion conversation pieces. 


The scarf is a single piece of cloth, the most simple and humble form of adornment. Hence, it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing accessories, used for centuries across a variety of cultures.

In ancient Rome, men wore a cloth called "sudarium" and Chinese warriors also used scarves to signify their rank. This cloth served as a precursor to the modern day scarves. However they became more fashionable accessories in 17th-century Europe, when colourful neckerchiefs or "cravats" became popular in French fashion. This marked the beginning of the modern necktie.

Fast forward to the 1930s, designers like Hermès elevated the status of scarves by creating iconic and luxurious silk scarf collections, becoming a symbol of high fashion and self-expression. Tie-dye patterns, bold colours and bohemian styles became popular, reflecting the social and cultural changes of that time.


A scarf can also be a political statement denoting a wearer’s affiliation or beliefs. Many Muslim women wear headscarves for modesty. Early 20th-century women’s rights crusaders wore scarves in the movement’s colours to promote their cause.

Today, scarves still remain a staple in contemporary fashion and at aeshaane, we have elevated the experience and made it more holistic by marrying sustainability with high fashion. 



This modest piece of cloth presents an opportunity for experimentation often not available in other realms of clothing that are determined and restricted by the shape of the body, thus becoming a canvas for artistic narratives. These exquisite pieces of wearable art go beyond their practicality by communicating emotions and personal expression of our artists who create them. At aeshaane, each silk scarf tells a story, encapsulating our vision and emotions. Through the interplay of bold hues, shapes and signature motifs, our scarves become a medium for visual storytelling, allowing the women who wear them to embody and share our narrative.


At aeshaane, we draw inspiration from simple everyday things such as a fallen leaf, flowers, even the zebra crossing on the road and our own personal journeys. We love hoarding these little treasures and then a block maker comes along and marries our little ideas with reality by etching our vision onto small wooden blocks. Each block is then mindfully placed onto the ahimsa silk canvas carrying our underlying intention and love for all things handmade. This piece of cloth then becomes a means of communication, inviting wearers and admirers to delve into their own interpretations and engage with our artisans' intended narrative. Our colours, textures and compositions convey a range of emotions, from joy and vibrancy to power and dominance, thus creating a personal connection and resonance.


Our natural silk scarves are an epitome of celebration, amalgamating livelihood and preserving cultural traditions and heritage. The women who did these fluid wonders are able to resonate and appreciate the traditional techniques used for handcrafting each piece. At aeshaane, each silk scarf blurs the line between traditional and modern, thereby crafting something that is unique, one of a kind and has been touched in its own special way by experienced artisanal hands. Free from the burden of seasons and trends, these exquisite pieces made from natural fibres can become a distinct part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Our designs are timeless and each piece is an heirloom that can be passed from mother to daughter carrying stories and memories as they pass from one woman to the next, intertwining narratives across time and space.

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