The Little Person

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Hi, my name is Aeshaane, a.k.a Aeshu. I am very proud that the Brand is named after me. I love to draw and paint especially sceneries. I love to share my designs with my mom and if she likes it, then she prints them on her scarves, which makes me very happy. My favourite colour is purple. Cooking, baking and craft making are a few of my favourite hobbies. My best dishes are ‘The Red sauce pasta’ and ‘Strawberry cupcake shortcake’. This is my most favourite picture of me and my Mom in London, when we went for her show to the V&A Museum. And I love London! I am very proud of my mother and want to be like her.

- Aeshu

Aeshaane has been a huge part of my journey, in fact everything revolves around her. My studio has always been at home, to give me flexibility around my daughter. That’s the reason why the new ‘work from home’ culture has never been alien to me. She has been brought up amidst colours and patterns, literally at the workshop. She always gives me tips when it comes to combining colours, that’s really her favourite space. You can always find her mixing hues and painting almost meditatively, when she is not on YouTube! 

Recently, she made a necklace with some leftover cocoons. She casually painted them in different colours, and tied them together with a rope. We did an entire range inspired by the Rainbow necklace. She also helped choose the titles for them, I am sure you can tell! Her favourite is the ‘BFF necklace’ (Best friends forever) that she made and gave it to her best friend. Some of my scarves have also been inspired by her artwork. Check out Photosynthesis scarf and Tangram scarfSeen here below with her friends on a playful exploration trip to the workshop.