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The 'Hazel Quad' Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Beyond fair wages, 10% of our profits are re-invested in positively impacting the livelihoods of artisans that made your product.

Regular price Rs. 3,500.00

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth, used to wrap gifts, books and other objects as an environment friendly alternative to wrapping paper and plastic, creating a beautiful amalgamation of portability with craft. Imagine origami, but simpler and more useful. The design is based on the art of folding a handcrafted square piece of fabric, offering a sustainable take on modern day holiday gifting.

Furoshiki developed in ancient Japan as early as the 17th century, makes a cut for just about any occasion, from wrapping birthday presents to candles, books and wine bottles. And a wrapper this gorgeous deserves to be saved! This reusable piece can easily transition into a stylish neckerchief when the unpacking is done. So, don’t forget, the Furoshiki is an integral part of the gift!

Available as a pack of two with tying instructions.
Large cloth 60 x 60 cm
Small cloth 40 x 40 cm

: 40 grams


COLOUR: Hand dyed in Deep Navy, Black printed with Brick Red


Variation in printing & colour are hallmarks of hand block printing and dyeing in small batches. Here’s to celebrating blemishes, flaws, faulty and irregular.


DYES: Azo-free non toxic dyes



Dispatched in 14 - 21 business days

At aeshaane, we invite everyone to slow down and cherish cloth made slowly and deliberately by artisans. After all, 'Things of beauty have no fear of time'! Free Worldwide shipping on all orders.



Made to order fashion - Each piece is specially handcrafted for you, thereby reducing waste, since items are not produced in advance. Please check the Return & Exchanges policy.

This cloth is hand printed combining the expertise of artisanal hands with more than a decade of experience, ethically produced 100% Natural organic cotton and aeshaane's contemporary hand block prints, thereby making duplication nearly impossible. Besides earning a fair income from their work, the artisans also have a sense of belonging, a place they can call their own, that gives them a life filled with love, pride and dignity, where they can benefit from being together as a community. From hand dyeing to block printing, the processing is labour intensive and can take several days to make. Meet the makers here.


At aeshaane, our artisans

  • Have a safe and flexible working environment
  • Encouragement to use their own creativity
  • Ability to work remotely or from home
  • Integration into an uplifting community
  • Dignified work where their voices are heard
  • Options to participate in workshops and other training programs

WORKSHOP: These zero waste cloth wraps are handmade at aeshaane's in-house workshop in a small village in Bengal, India where our artisans share our values and produce in a fair way. We celebrate all that is slow, ethical and does not harm the people, animals or planet. To know more, click on Behind the scenes.

MATERIAL: 100% Natural Organic cotton


HANDFEEL: Extremely lightweight and airy.


ORIGIN: "The majority of organic cotton is grown on small-scale farmlands in Erode, a small district in Tamilnadu, and because you're not using synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, you don't need to use as much water", says our weaver Radhakrishna in Bengaluru, Karnataka who regularly purchases this 100% organic cotton yarn to weave the fabric.

We help you take good care of your purchase. With a little love and care, your gift wraps will last you well. We celebrate re-use, swapping and encourage you to repair whenever possible.


  • Gentle hand wash separately with mild washing liquid
  • Do not rub, agitate or soak
  • Drip dry flat in shade
  • Gentle steam iron inside out
  • Each purchase comes in a recycled paper bag