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The 'Redwood' Kimono

Beyond fair wages, 10% of our profits are re-invested in positively impacting the livelihoods of artisans that made your product.

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Blending the best of traditional and contemporary, our Japanese inspired Kaftan robes are hand crafted in soft, luxe and finest Eri Peace silk. These robes are timeless, with a fluid silhouette and are perfect for lounging or a Sunday brunch by the poolside. These can be easily donned as coats or an overdress, with a basic pair of pants and tee or even thrown over a simple linen dress. Our robes are classic and minimalist, yet scream high fashion! These light-weight fluid drapes, hang loose with drop shoulders and wide billowy sleeves. Slow fashion at its best, these are perfect separates for your getaways and staycations.

  • Wide-cut body with a relaxed silhouette
  • Short robe, front open
  • Drop shoulder with oversized sleeves
  • Side slits
  • The hem inside the neckline and front is crafted in Natural white

TEXTILE STORY: I‚Äôve always enjoyed having a lot of Bamboo plants around my garden, as they give me an unkept feeling, close to the forest wilderness. This block was inspired, while I was revelling in some ‚ÄúMe time‚ÄĚ early morning, sipping on Masala Chai (Tea brewed with aromatic spices). Honestly, in hindsight there‚Äôs really no window when my mind is free, it‚Äôs always conjuring up ideas and patterns. My pocket sketch book is one of my essentials, but, this time instead of drawing the pattern, I simply cut a large Natural Bamboo leaf and sent it to my Block maker, Manoo bhai, who lives in a small village near Bengal. Looking at the magnanimity of the giant plant, he frantically called to say that he would need to divide the block into 3 or 4 pieces measuring 20 cms each!

One of our printers, Amit, who is into weight training, joked that he could lift these ‚ÄėBamboo‚Äô blocks as heavy weights, instead of his dumb-bells for his morning routine! So, you can imagine what an arduous task it must be to dip each block in ink, multiple times and stamp onto the fabric. They were relieved to see the sketch, where the block was designed to be placed sparsely!

Fun fact - Did you know that Bamboo is actually grass, though it comes across as a tree?


  • One size relaxed fit, Fits XS ‚Äď XL comfortably
  • Length Centre front 82cm
  • Cross-Body Chest 112 cm
  • The Model is 5‚Äô7‚Äô‚Äô
  • Measurements taken on a flat lay

WEIGHT: 120 grams

: Red and Natural White

Variation in printing & colour are hallmarks of hand block printing and dyeing in small batches. Here’s to celebrating blemishes, flaws, faulty and irregular.

: Azo-free non toxic dyes

: Dispatched in 30 business days

At aeshaane, we invite everyone to slow down and cherish garments that are made slowly and deliberately by artisans. After all, 'Things of beauty have no fear of time'! Free Worldwide shipping on all orders.


Made to order fashion: Each piece is specially handcrafted for you, thereby reducing waste, since items are not produced in advance. Please check the Return & Exchanges policy.

Our Eri silk cloth is a completely handmade artisan product, crafted by Kaushik, a third generation of rearers, who hails from the tribal 'Borah' community, nurturing his small dreams in a remote village called 'Phalpur' in Assam. Twenty women from a self-help group gather around post noon, to do the 'Chunai', or sorting of these empty cocoons. The methods used by the locals are environment friendly and sustainable. The indigenous women in the Assamese household are willing to invest their time in making these ageless beauties, as a way to embrace their culture, to follow the pace of life and to pass on the craft to the younger generation. Each piece has taken at least a week to produce, excluding the harvesting and printing by our artists Ali bhai, Deepak and Bachchu.

Besides earning a fair income from their work, all our artisans have a sense of belonging, a place they can call their own, that gives them a life filled with love, pride and dignity, where they can benefit from being together as a community. Meet the makers here.

At aeshaane, our artisans have

  • A safe and flexible working environment
  • Encouragement to use their own creativity
  • Ability to work remotely or from home
  • Integration into an uplifting community
  • Dignified work where their voices are heard
  • Options to participate in workshops and other training programs

WORKSHOP: Each piece is handmade at aeshaane's in-house workshop in a small village in Bengal, where our artisans share our values and produce in a fair way. We celebrate all that is slow, ethical and does not harm the people, animals or the planet. To learn more, click on Behind the scenes.

MATERIAL: 100% Natural Eri Peace silk

: Light-weight, airy, incredibly smooth and soft; When draped, its fluidity is unmatched!

 Often, the word Ahimsa (Non-violence) is synonymously used with Eri silk. The name 'Eri' is derived from the word 'era', which means 'castor', since the Eri silkworms feed on castor leaves. Part of the process to rear silk conventionally, involves the cocoons being hurled into hot water to preserve the integrity of the long filament fibres. This method clearly kills the silkworm, breaking the chain of ethical processing. However, at aeshaane, we believe in slow silk farming, where the fibre gets extracted from empty cocoons only after the metamorphosis of the moth is complete and they leave their habitat, thereby completing the chain of circular farming. That is why Eri silk is also known as Peace or Vegan silk. For more information click on Our silks.

: Eri silk is strong, dense and highly durable wild silk. The silk from this Natural fibre is readily biodegradable after serving its full lifecycle and thus has low environmental impact. Besides being 100% hypo-allergic and antibacterial, due to its thermal properties, Eri silk is cool in summer and warm in winter.

: North east India, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Karnataka and some parts of China and Japan

We help you take good care of your purchase. With a little love and care, your silk kaftan will last you for years. We celebrate re-use, swapping and encourage you to repair whenever possible.

  • Dry cleaning is the safest option
  • Gentle steam iron on the reverse side
  • Do not wrap in plastic, as silk needs to breathe
  • Each purchase comes in a recycled bag for storage

Click on Care and repair to know more.